Friday, February 18, 2011

Kitty Mansion

Every since we made the decision last summer to keep the cats in the house they've been angry. Really angry. They scratch up the furniture, knock things off the counters, chase each other up and down the's not been any fun for any of us. So what was our solution? We went online to and placed an order.

I came home from yoga this afternoon to this on the front porch. 73lbs of kitty mansion goodness!

I dragged it through the house with cats and dogs following right behind me. LOC didn't waste any time investigating the emptied box.

THESE were the ONLY instructions. Seriously.

Surrounded by bits and pieces.

Did I mention these were the ONLY instructions?

I was a little worried...

Thank GOD I didn't have to do it alone :)

Just hold it still...

It was a balancing act...

It didn't take long to get it together. Even though these were the ONLY instructions.

My darling Korduroy was the first visitor.

And with a little help the others joined him. Top to bottom for those of you who may not know these bad kittys... LOC, Mittens, Korduroy and Five.

I know I've been horrible updating the blog lately. I do have some pictures from Christmas, my dad's visit, A's basketball tournament, A's induction into the Jr Beta Club at HHES...tons of pics really. I promise to get some of them on here soon.

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  1. To make it PERFECT for the kitties, you need to put a couple bird feeders just outside the windows. They will never come off their mansion!